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For many of us, the “Like” button is mostly associated with Facebook but two years ago WordPress.com decided to take the plunge and launched its own “Like” button system. The button effectively allowed readers to like a post that they are interested in and the reader’s “gravatar” (Globally Recognized Avatar) would subsequently be added to groups of other users that share the same taste. The system was launched in the aspirations of readers having the ability to foray through other bloggers and their blogs.


The graph above shows that users are getting on board with the idea recently. You will able to see that the idea has taken its own sweet time in getting some traction and currently the feature is seeing more than 800,000 clicks a week. But as off the ending of last year, people were beginning to catch on at a faster rate. This information comes from a post on WordPress.com’s blog. There are a few possibilities we could venture as to why the company has seen the immense success of the “Like” feature. It could be because some users relate it to Facebook since it is just below the Facebook “share” link or it could just be the more logical one that WordPress users are finding the feature useful.

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Now in another development, WordPress has announced that as opposed to the “Like” button only being on every individual blog post, it will also be featured to all your content with configurable settings so you can adjust your preferences pertaining to the button as and how you see fit. By editing your “Like” options, you have the choice of allowing people to click the button on your home page, blog posts, and individual pictures within slideshows. Liking a post is a method that WordPress has implemented to allow users to mark items that will show up on your profile under a “Posts I Like” section. So the next time you “Like” something on WordPress, do check your profile page for a list of posts and other elements that you have liked since it gives you easy access to them if you need to have a second look after. Just don’t go thinking that it’s going to be appearing on your Facebook profile page as well unless you’ve clicked the “Share” button.

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