Google introduces a unified app and web property in Google Analytics

Google this week introduced a new way to measure apps and websites together for the first time in Google Analytics. Google launched a new property type, App + Web, that allows advertisers to combine app and web data for unified reporting and analysis.

The first version of this new app and web experience—including the new event model and new analysis capabilities—will be available to all Analytics and Analytics 360 accounts in beta in the coming weeks.

Advertisers using Google Tag Manager or the global site tag for Google Analytics will not need to re-tag the website. To include the app data, the Firebase SDK implementation is needed.

There will be 3 property types in Google Analytics: 1 – Web 2 – App 3 App + Web.

According to Google, reports for the property type App + Web use a single set of metrics and dimensions, making it possible to see integrated reporting across app and web. Russell Ketchum, Group Product Manager at Google Analytics, says that now advertisers can answer questions like: Which marketing channel is responsible for acquiring the most new users across your different platforms? How many total unique users do you have, regardless of which platform they use? How many conversions have occurred on your app and website in the last week—and which platform is driving most of these conversions?

Advertisers can also see how many users started on your app then visited your website to make a purchase.

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