Google Lens is now available on iOS

Google is officially rolling out its Lens feature to Apple iOS devices over the next few weeks. Lens is an on-demand object recognition tool, accessible through the Google Photos app. When users take a photo of a book or painting, for example, Lens recognizes it and spits out information telling you more details about the object.

Lens works on photos of business cards, books, landmarks and buildings, paintings in a museum, plants or animals, and flyers and event billboards. When you use Lens on a photo that has phone numbers or an address, you can automatically save this information as a contact on your phone, while events will be added to your calendar.

To access the feature on your iOS device, launch the Google Photos app, select a photo, then tap on the Google Lens icon. Depending on what the photo is, you can then check the details Google provides, or take an action. Google notes that if your web and app activity setting is switched on, your Google Lens activity will be saved to your Google account. You can delete any history from your My Activity page at any time. The feature is rolling out to version 3.15 of the iOS app, so make sure you update.

Lens debuted last October on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Google started rolling out the feature to all Android phones with Google Photos installed earlier this month.

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