DCMN launches analytics tool which aims to be the ‘Google Analytics of the TV world’

Growth solution provider DCMN has introduced DC Analytics to help digital brands track and attribute TV campaigns with a focus on ROI.

According to the firm, DC Analytics correlates spot data from TV networks to traffic on a web or mobile presence, in order to measure the impact of media placements.

DCMN co-founder and chief growth Officer, Matthias Riedl, said the aim of the launch is to create a service as synonymous with measurement as Google Analytics.

“Our ultimate goal is to the be the Google Analytics of the TV world. With the generalised data we gain from the campaigns running on the DC Analytics platform, we are also able to constantly improve the product and build on our portfolio of marketing automation and analytics technologies,” he explained.

According to DCMN, DC Analytics is free to use and available to anyone outside the DCMN client base and is already running campaigns worldwide across Europe and in India, South Africa, the US, Australia and Canada.

Article source: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2018/03/14/dcmn-launches-analytics-tool-which-aims-be-the-google-analytics-the-tv-world

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