Google Manufacturer Center With New Content, Analytics & Availability

Google announced they added some new features to the Google Manufacturer Center. They added a new section on Shopping product detail pages that has more content from your site. They added new and improved analytics. And they also expanded availability of the Manufacturer Center from seven countries to 24 countries.

New content

Google said they have a new Shopping product detail pages that contains populate your product pages on Google Shopping with inspirational and high quality content. Highlight the product features and capabilities that you know your shoppers care about the most. Build brand equity directly with shoppers on Google (Google remains the first place shoppers go to get helpful recommendations and suggestions on what to buy according to an online survey of ~2,700 recent online shoppers).

Here is a large GIF showing you what it looks like:


Google also added new analytics to the Google Manufacturer Center. It shows you things like performance trends like top performing product groups and significant changes in performance or price, insights on product variants like top search terms for your products and average price trends and product group stats like which competitor’s brands and products appear most often with yours.


Google also expanded Manufacturer Center availability from seven countries to 24 countries.

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