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Trayvon Martin’s parents are considering a run for political office

The move is in response to the Trump presidency, which is threatening to undo the work on racial justice that Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin have been doing since their son was murdered five years ago. USA Today broke the news, and has a posted a lengthy video interview with the pair, who have published a new book, Rest In Power: A parent’s story of love, injustice and the birth of a movement. “Since Trayvon’s death, we saw how divided the country is on these issues and we saw how the country can come together,” said Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father.

USA Today

President Trump fires acting attorney general, saying she “betrayed” his administration

The punch was clear: Sally Q. Yates, who had served as deputy attorney general under President Barack Obama, announced that Justice Department lawyers would not defend the President’s executive order closing the nation’s borders to refugees and people from predominantly Muslim countries. Then the counterpunch: At 9:15 pm last night, Ms. Yates received a hand-delivered letter informing her that she was fired. “Thank you everyone for supporting and standing by,” Yates tweeted.  “I took and upheld oath to defend the constitution not to someone’s personal likings.”

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African Union chief to Trump: You took us as slaves, but not as refugees

The strong remarks came during a two-day summit in Ethiopia of the 53 African Union states; Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said that the AU could expect “very turbulent times” after President Trump’s election. The Muslim ban impacts three AU countries, Libya, Somalia and Sudan. “What do we do about this? Indeed, this is one of the greatest challenges to our unity and solidarity.” Also in attendance was the UN Secretary General, who praised African countries who took in refugees. “African nations are among the world’s largest and most generous hosts of refugees,” he said.


Boy Scouts of America reverses transgender ban, welcomes back New Jersey boy

It’s a major shift in policy, and it already has one happier camper: An 8-year-old boy who was forced out of Cub Scouts last year because he was born a girl has been asked to rejoin the organization. It was his dismissal that began a heated, national debate on the Boy Scouts gender policy. “Starting today, we will accept and register youth in the Cub and Boy Scout programs based on the gender identity indicated on the application,” the organization said in a statement issued yesterday.

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Architects vow to build a more inclusive profession

After fourteen months of work, AIA’s Equity in Architecture Commission, a panel of architects, educators and diversity experts, has published 11 recommendations organized into five “keystone” areas of focus: Leadership development; culture; excellence in architecture; education and career development; and marketing, branding, public awareness and outreach. Many of the 11 recommendations will be familiar, but one stood out: Commission better research, now. “[We] now ha[ve] extensive data on demographic trends within the profession. But it can’t always answer the question of why those trends occur. There’s a need for more specific understanding of the issues and implications in the quest for full equity, diversity, and inclusion.”


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