Google Marketing Platform Gets a New Enriching Destination for Content and Analytics

Google Marketing Platform Has Formally Announced Their New Home on the Website and Social Media Platforms

Recently, DoubleClick ended its long-time run among Content Marketing teams as Google decided to pull it down. The signs were ominous about Google making a drastic change to its Analytics and Marketing Cloud suite. Yes, they did it. Google introduced their Google Marketing Platform, bringing together Double Click and Google Analytics 360 suite under one umbrella for marketing automation and social media analytics. However, the website lacked the distinct taste and flavor in its content that most marketing teams associate with Google. But, now it is just as enriching as it was ever before.

Google Marketing Platform has formally announced their new home on the website and social media platforms, allowing their audience to bookmark them for news, product information, insights, blogs, and much more. For old content for DoubleClick and Google Analytics websites, the readers would be automatically redirected to the new destination.

Readers can now connect with Google Marketing Platform on social:

Google Marketing Platform is the new amalgamation of DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite. The latest martech platform from Google is directed at marketing and online analytics team to help plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences under one roof.

Google Marketing Platform would also empower marketing teams to deliver more relevant, better personalized and effective marketing with content and analytics, with better data privacy and control at customer’s hands.

Earlier this month, Google also announced their Google Measurement Partners. Google Measurement Partners is a superfluous program for the new and existing partnerships with Google. The program would offer brands a variety of options to measure their advertising media, including for Display Video 360 and Search Ads 360), Google Ads, YouTube, and more. The existing Google partnership programs, including App Attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling, have also been included in Google Measurement Partners.

The Google Measurement Partners would take Google’s commitment to both quality and choice when it comes to measuring performance, to a new height. These would also enable global online marketers better understand their customers.

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