Google’s Greatest Travel Hack Will Make Flights MUCH Easier

We’re not sure why we’ve never heard about this before — but as they say, it’s better late than never.

Unless you’re dealing with a late flight, that is.

When you’re in a hurry to find your personal flight info, it turns out you can turn to Google. Reddit user jasenlee pointed out the trick: If you’re logged into your Gmail account and type the words “Flight Status” into Google, the search engine will pull up your personal flight info including your confirmation number, seat, terminal, every email associated with that flight and more.


Some users report that Google even tells them the weather in their destination, and when to leave for the airport in order to catch their plane. If you’ve got the Google Now app, you’ll even get nearby events and happenings, as well as places that make good photo ops.

We could load up on apps till our phone’s memory is full, but no trick will be as simple — or as much of a lifesaver — as this one.

Cheers to simpler, smarter travel in 2015.

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