Here Is Everything Google Announced At Its I/O Conference

Later this morning, Google CEO Sundar Pichai will give us a glimpse of what’s new and what’s next for the tech giant at today’s annual I/O developer’s conference. It’s where the company reveals product updates for Android, Assistant, Gmail and a slew of other services; We’ll be on the ground in Mountain View, CA covering the latest, live from the keynote.

The focus of Google I/O has typically been the company’s developments in artificial intelligence and software, but multiple leaks showing off the the Pixel 3a, Google’s new low-cost phone, point to what will likely be a hardware announcement at the conference.

At the very least, expect to hear Google leadership extol the new features coming to Android Q, the latest version of its operating system. Google has also started adding more privacy-focused controls for its users’ data, like the ability to automatically scrub your location data and web history and turning off Google Assistant voice recordings by default. We’ll likely see more of that. It’s possible that we’ll also get a launch date for the new streaming gaming service Stadia.

At last year’s event, Pichai unveiled the Duplex assistant, a voice bot that’s creepily good at making hair appointments and restaurant reservations, and its new suite of digital wellbeing tools, aimed at helping people limit their screen time. Since then, the company has faced brewing internal turmoil. In August, employees organized to protest a project named Dragonfly, a controversial censored search app for the Chinese market. Then, in November, employees staged a massive walkout, protesting the company’s handling of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Stay tuned for the latest developments as we cover them here, and watch along starting at 10am PT on the Google Developers YouTube channel.

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