How to Become Google Analytics Certified with PrepAway Online Platform?

Are you willing to earn Google Analytics certification? If yes, then you are on the right page, as here you will learn about Google Analytics exam and how you can pass it the easiest way possible.

What is Google Analytics?

You must be having a fair idea of Google Analytics still it will be good to brush up your knowledge. In order to ensure that your online business grows, then you need to understand your customers and nothing could help you in a better way than Google Analytics. This offers you free tools that help you in analyzing the data for your business and all this could be done in one place. It is the amazing results and the convenience of using Google Analytics that has made it so popular in the virtual world of internet.

What is Google Analytics certification?

You need to become a Google Analytics qualified to use Google Analytics. For this, you need to pass an exam offered by Google – Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam or GAIQ or IQ. This exam is easy to pass for those who use their mind in the preparation and difficult for those who just blindly prepare for the exam. Here your skills will be assessed in Google Analytics for beginners and for advanced levels. This is one of the reasons why Google recommends you to select Google Analytics for Beginners course and Advanced Google Analytics course, which is available Google Analytics Academy for free and you just need to register for it.

To find more information about this certification exam, browse Google website.

Who Can Opt for Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)?

Anyone who has qualified Google Analytics assessment can opt for Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ). This means if you have become Google AdWords certified then you can take Google Analytics exam. Earning this qualification will help you leverage Google Analytics in the organization where you are working.  

To know more about this credential, visit Google website.

What Is the Exam Detail of Google Analytics Certification Exam?

The first thing that you need to know is that you do not have to spend a penny to take Google Analytics exam, as this free of cost. This must have brought a broad smile to your face. Another interesting thing about this exam is that it consists of only 70 questions drawn from a library of questions and you just need to answer a minimum of 56 questions to pass the exam. The duration of the exam is 1.5 hours, but you need to score 80% at least to become certified in Google Analytics. The validity of the certification is only 18 months, which means you need to res it Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) after one year and six months.  

Is There the Option for a Retake of Google Analytics Exam?

The best thing about Google Analytics exam is that even if you fail then you get another chance to retake the exam immediately after waiting for one day. Strikingly, you do not have to pay anything for this retake exam too just like the first exam. The only thing that you need to do is to wait for your next chance to take the exam. 

How to Pass Google Analytics Exam?

There are many students who think that they can pass Google Analytics exam by cheating. Yes, definitely you can pass the exam by looking for answers online but will you be able to perform in your organization and will be able to do the Analytics work. Of course, not and that is why by cheating in the exam the whole purpose of attaining a certification in Google Analytics will become null and void. Therefore, do not think of this as it won’t help you as an IT professional. 

You can easily pass Google Analytics Certification exam if you do the way as discussed here:

Opt for Google Analytics training course

Most of Google Analytics courses are available for free, such as the above mentioned Google Analytics for Beginners, which is offered by Google Academy itself. However, it will be prudent to take help from the other Google Analytics courses available on a recognized platform for further explanation. For example, Prepaway Exam Questions – a reliable online platform will offer you a tutorial on Google Analytics at an affordable price and will make all the topics clear for you, thereby leaving not an iota of doubt in your mind. 

Select Exam Dumps

The questions of Google Analytics exams are not simple. These are twisted as it assesses your understanding. Therefore, you must look for exam dumps. These practice tests allow you to know the level of questions asked in the main exam. You get to know whether most of the questions in the exams are of advanced level or not. This way you get a chance to prepare the exam in an intelligent manner. There are many platforms that also offer you exam quiz that consists of less number of questions and not exactly the 70 questions but all the questions in the quiz are designed by experts in Google Analytics. Again, check website to get the most updated exam dump to enhance your preparation for the exam.

Look for Exam Testing Engine

You must also opt for Exam Testing Engine. This is a modern tool that will let you get an insight into the main exam. You can learn the types of questions that are asked in the exam and in which topics you are weak. It will also help you view your answers after taking the practice exam. In addition, you can see your progress after practicing the exam questions a number of times. Again, browse website to find the ETE Exam Simulator that imitates the real exam environment. This way you will learn about your shortcomings and will prepare accordingly. Interestingly, the exam testing engine makes you confident about your skills. 


Start your preparation for Google Analytics exam with the help of PrepAway training courses both free and paid, braindumps, Exam Testing Engine, Exam quiz, etc. This will ensure that you do not fail at the first attempt. However, if you do fail by any chance on your first try, then do not get disheartened retake the exam and you will be able to earn Google Analytics Certification. It is highly advisable to stay in touch with a platform that helps you in the preparation of IT certifications. This will keep you updated about any changes getting introduced in Google Analytics certification.

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