Latest Marketing Technology Report PPC Remains a Powerful Digital Marketing Tactic to Boost Traffic

GoodFirms‘ research team led surveys with global IT companies and experts to obtain comparative insights that would benefit businesses dealing in the domains of PPC – AI, digital marketing, social media marketing, web design, SEO and eCommerce app development.

Here is a summary of the aforementioned surveys conducted by the research team of GoodFirms:

10 Gurus on Future of PPC: AI and Machine Learning for PPC Campaign Management

PPC has become the most powerful way of marketing tactics and an inventive method to boost traffic. A survey conducted by GoodFirms on Tips and Tactics for a Winning PPC Campaign Management with the contribution of 200+ of PPC agencies and digital marketing experts. This research helped in identifying fascinating details for PPC and one of the most intriguing findings is that Smart Bidding with 70% is recognized as the efficient AI and machine learning application for PPC. The research team of GoodFirms also reached PPC Gurus to gather more knowledge from several experts on how machine learning or artificial intelligence can be used in PPC marketing? Which are the effective AI and machine learning application for PPC?

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Here is the list of 10 PPC Gurus who shared their valuable insights for the research compilation at GoodFirms:

  1. Larry Kim – CEO at MobileMonkey
  2. Kirk Williams – Owner at Zato Marketing
  3. Navah Hopkins – Service Innovation Strategist at Wordstream
  4. Ed Leake – Founder at AdEvolver
  5. Patrick Gilbert – Director of Digital Advertising Services at AdVenturePPC
  6. Luca Senatore – Agency Director at Genie Goals
  7. Duane Brown – Managing Partner at Take Some Risk
  8. Jeff Sauer – Owner at Jeffalytics
  9. Martin Roettgerding – Head of SEM/SEA at Bloofusion
  10. Gianluca Binelli – Founder at Booster Box

Difficult yet Effective Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital marketing tactics are either thoroughly practiced or customized as per business requirements. The most effective tactic chosen by digital marketing agencies and experts in SEO is using long-phrase keywords and integrating video transcriptions. Also, Instagram and Facebook groups are the best social media platforms for organic conversions. Finding queries in the required niche and generating content to publish on other sites for backlinks is a long yet effective process.

Social Media Usage and Trends

The research team of GoodFirms conducted in-depth web scraping to collect data from various reliable online sources to get a hold of the current social media marketing scenario. Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp continue to top the charts of most popular social media networks. The future of social media will experience a high rise in video content, customer support on messengers, virtual reality advertising along with the upsurge of voice input and augmented reality.

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Website Design Stats and Trends for Small Businesses

Web designing efficacies like typography, minimalist concept, responsiveness to different devices and browser compatibility matter the most to design experts. Moreover, trends like CSS Animation to bring personality to the sites and Parallax Scrolling effect with the 3D layout refuse to take a backseat. The average cost of designing a website with basic features is $3200 and the average time for the same is two months. The tools preferred by web designers are Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Indesign.

SEO Strategies, Techniques and Trends

The online world has created a sheer need to pop-up on the search engine results that too with higher ranks to make some real business happen. Growing organic traffic remains the top inbound marketing priority for SEO companies and experts. Creating link-worthy content and guest posting on sites with higher domain authority works best for quality backlinks. The top-most challenge for SEO specialists is proving ROI to the stakeholders and ranking a single page for multiple keywords.

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The Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce Apps

The eCommerce business works on organic search traffic along with the powerful conversion source of social media. The utilization of mobile eCommerce continues to gain steady growth. Majority of the customers prefer eCommerce apps over shopping sites due to the flexibility, easy surfing, exclusive discounts, and faster comparison of products. Moreover, sort filter, guest check out and product recommendations are the features of eCommerce apps that consumers adore.

How much does it Cost to Create an App?

Online stores are filled with feature-rich apps and among them, live super-powers like Tinder, WhatsApp, Instagram, Uber, and the likes. The cost of building each of these app types is different, and so is the time required to develop them. The average estimates have been discussed in the complete research below. And as there is always room for improvement, the unique features that can add value to apps falling into the category of communication, productivity, shopping, travel, entertainment have been discussed as well.

GoodFirms is internationally recognized as a reliable B2B research, ratings and reviews platform. It conducts surveys to provide informative insights to benchmark the business activities of agencies and professionals. Additionally improves your business solutions and helps you match the steps with the evolving industry.

GoodFirms also helps the SaaS and PaaS companies by encouraging them to take part in the on-going research and display their sturdy report of work. Grab this opportunity and Get Listed among the top companies as per your domain expertise.

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