Master Google Analytics with this $10 online course

If you’ve hit a wall in your job search, and it seems like every potential employer is giving you the cold shoulder, it may be time to take a more critical look at your résumé. Recruiters and hiring managers see scores of them every day, and the buzzwords and resume hacks that may have wowed them in the past are now old hat.

In this data-driven corporate world, employers need to see hard proof of your knowledge and skills — not just anecdotal claims. That’s why certifications are so valuable, and there’s one in particular that marks you as a data expert and an asset to any marketing or product team: Google Analytics. Now is your chance to ace the GA exam with as little as 48 hours of study, by getting some online instruction from the Google Analytics Certification course. And you can start right now for just $9.99.

This top-rated training preps you for the Google Analytics test with anytime access to 25 lectures and 30 minutes of HD streaming video content, as well as a 150-question practice test (with an answer key). You won’t need to quit your day job or hole up in a library for weeks — you’ll learn three simple strategies that will build your knowledge and confidence faster than going it alone. You’ll even get tips on how to market your certification once you pass, plus access to active discussion forums in case you need help or motivation.

If you’re ready to go from amateur to certified Google Analytics expert in just two days, grab the Google Analytics Certification course for $9.99, greatly reduced from its usual price of $199.99.

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