Recipe For a Successful WordPress Startup Business

philosophy and the things you believe in – should not.

It is so much easier to turn your business philosophy into a business model, than the other way round

Maybe you believe in outstanding customer support or creating WordPress products that will minify the need for it. Maybe if you establish yourself and become recognized as someone who gives back to the community or someone that will revolutionize the use of WordPress in terms of flexibility and its adaptation to app-like functionality.

You may easily find yourself paralyzed by the sheer number of ideas, paths and outcomes.

One WordPress Startup Coming Up

I’m not here to preach what your life or business philosophy should be. I’m sure you’ve had your share of sleepless nights, so let’s focus on the things that matter, that make up your pillar stone – the things that will help you in marketing and positioning your WordPress product or service.

Interest and Demand

People want all kinds of crazy things. There’s currently 22000 WordPress plugins and who knows how many themes, so there’s obviously demand for different skins and functionality upgrades to WordPress. Can you say the same for your products or service?

Do you market research and find out how many people have been searching for your problem solving idea. You can use free Google research tools (Trends, Insights, Keyword Tools)


Is someone else doing it already?

If it is, mark everything you like or dislike about your competition. It’ll help you in the next step. Just search for your future product/service on the web.


Does your WordPress startup resemble an existing one?

If it doesn’t, then you’re in the saddle, but if it does, you need to differentiate yourself. You philosophy can help you do this. No two beings are the same and no two ideologies are the same either.


People are very good at spotting fakes. They can tell a difference even on the web. If you’re just trying to make easy money without any personal involvement, you’re likely to be recognized as such, neglected or even worse.

This should probably be the first thing on the list. Find out how much you care for the idea and if you’re willing to go all the way.


Is this something people are willing to pay for? How do you intend to sustain your business?

If it’s not, then you must be an angel. Seriously, your WordPress startup needs to bring some income, so you can provide the best possible service to your customers. Make sure they know what they’re paying for their satisfaction. I know this is not possible right from the start, but before you start dreaming about your dream job, you must think through all the logistics (money included).

You probably have an idea or two on how to become a successful WordPress startup. Just compare your ideas to the recipe above. Most of the items are plain common sense, but take time to think about each and also discuss it with someone. If your idea doesn’t swim immediately, don’t dismiss it, but try to adapt. In the end it’s the perseverance and willingness, passion and dedication that have turned ideas from being mediocre to revolutionary.

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