Report: Engineers make Facebook ‘hack’ to mimic Google+

Think Google’s budding social network Google+ is a copycat of social networking juggernaut Facebook? Think again.

A group of engineers has made a hack in Facebook that mimics the way Google+ builds friend lists, tech site TechCrunch reported.

Facebook engineers Vladimir Kolesnikov, Peng Fan, Zahan Malkani, Brian Rosenthal designed Circlehack, which gets inspiration from Google+’s Circles.

“While Circlehack doesn’t have all the design features of Google+ e.g. the circles your friends are members of don’t glow upon hover and you can’t automatically set Groups or privacy settings within the app, it’s a start, at least for Facebook,” TechCrunch said.

Presently, Facebook users can create lists on Facebook only by going to the Friends page, clicking on a drop-down menu.

They would then have to tinker with the “Edit Friends” and “Create a List” options manually.

In some cases, Facebook users may need to “customize” the “Privacy Settings” for each friend.

Google+ is the search giant’s latest attempt at a social networking site, following perceived past failures including “Buzz.” — RSJ, GMA News

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