Salesforce and Google sign major data sharing deal

During the Salesforce Connections conference in Chicago, Salesforce and Google announced that users can now share data between Google Analytics 360 and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Last year the two cloud giants signed a deal intended to provide easier integration between Salesforce tools and Google’s G Suite and Google Analytics. 

This new data sharing partnership will allow companies to share web analytics data with marketing personnel to provide an even more customised experience for users.

Salesforce’s VP of product marketing Bobby Jania explained how the partnership will benefit customers of both companies to TechCrunch, saying:

“Now, marketers are able to deliver meaningful consumer experiences powered by the world’s number one marketing platform and the most widely adopted web analytics suite.” 

The partnership between Google and Salesforce involves four integrations that allow marketers to send data between the two platforms. Consumer insights from Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360 will both be visible from a single analytics dashboard inside Marketing Cloud. At the same time, Market Cloud data will now be visible inside Google Analytics 360 and can be used to deliver more customised web experiences.

While these new integrations are available now, another one will be available in Beta in Q3. Soon audiences created inside the Google Analytics 360 platform will be able to be activated outside of Google meaning you could create an audience on the platform and then activate it in Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud.

Even though Google and Salesforce are sharing a lot of data, Jania stressed the point that only metadata or aggregated reporting results are being shared which is 100 per cent GDPR compliant.

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