SEO Networker Launch Service To Help Businesses Through The Recession

Market Press Release – June 25, 2011 9:47 am – For many businesses nowadays, online presence is a make or break aspect of their strategy. Many businesses have great products and offer great services, unless they have the constant flow of traffic to their website no one will ever know.

Every entrepreneur has a vision for their business and that goal can be easily reached with the right internet marketing consulting. Internet marketing consultants have the expertise and knowledge to make websites more visible by increasing their search rankings. Many businesses do not have a landing page that is tailored specifically for their business. There are cases where websites intended to sell houses have pictures and content about cars on their landing page. This kind of clutter makes the website unappealing to customers who are looking for specific information.

When a visitor visits a website, they should be drawn to take action; whether it is to keep reading, to order a newsletter, or sign up for a particular service. The content, the products and services must line up with what the customers are looking for. While drawing in visitors may be easy enough, the other half of the battle is in retaining them and converting visits into successful sales.

This is where SEO Networker comes in. Founded by Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos, the mission of SEO Networker is to “Operate with 100% integrity while providing the best possible service to small businesses.” They are passionate about helping small businesses flourish online.

Clients can approach SEO Networker if they need internet marketing consulting services regarding their advertising strategies. Their services bring people and products together through the Internet. They take the clients ideas and their expertise and combine them into a workable solution. With their help, companies can build websites or improve existing ones in such a way that visitors will be easily converted into loyal customers.

Another service they offer is SEO marketing consulting where they guide clients in choosing the right keywords to target their market and then implement this in their website so that it comes up higher in search results. This is not just about peppering the website with the desired keywords but developing the right content so that the website scores high with customers as well as the search engines.

SEO Networker’s service is structured in such a way that small businesses’ ROI with them are multiple folds. This kind of win-win-win situation for SEO Networker, the client, and the client’s customers makes it an easy choice.

Everyone who is serious about their business should be advertising online. Leave the details to the qualified internet marketing consultants at SEO Networker so you can focus on the bigger picture of building your business.

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