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Google reconsiders Wallet strategy due to slow adoption

Google aims to spur demand for its Wallet app, which is designed to boost its share of the multibillion-dollar market for mobile advertising by letting it target shoppers with coupons and promotions. The challenge: Few phones have the right technology installed, and rivals are readying their own systems, including one called ISIS that’s backed by...
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Hackers booby-trap WordPress site with botnet-weaving Trojan

Malware-flingers are taking advantage of vulnerable WordPress sites as part of an attack ultimately designed to spread an information-stealing botnet agent. Cybercrooks begin the attack by planting malicious scripts on vulnerable sites. Prospective marks are then lured to compromised sites via spammed messages that purport to come from known legitimate sources including Better Business Bureau...
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Google, Oracle to hold last-minute settlement talks

IDG News Service – Oracle and Google will hold another round of settlement talks as the trial date nears in their high-stakes court battle over Google’s alleged misuse of Java in Android. A magistrate judge assigned to the case has ordered senior executives from both sides to be present at the talks. The participants must...
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SEO & Google: The Ugly Truth

He walked down the quiet street, a leopard in the concrete jungle. Eyes down, but watching the angles. Hands in his coat pocket concealing but preoccupied. It was then from the shadows a figure emerged, unwanted but unrelenting. “Hey buddy, you lookin’?”, poured forth with a cloud of smoke. “Naw, I don’t do that crap.”...
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Top 10 Helpful SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners who have just begun their SEO campaign will find that there is no end to the depth and complexity inherent in search engine optimization. Many companies try to take a do-it-yourself mentality to SEO implementation that ends with them sloppily stringing together popular search terms or stuffing keywords on contextually irrelevant web...
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Google nabs Digg founder

Digg founder Kevin Rose (right) has joined Google to work on its social products. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — One of Silicon Valley’s iconic entrepreneurs is going corporate. Google has scooped up Digg founder Kevin Rose and a number of his employees at Milk, the venture he created last year as a lab for experimenting with...
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Google Quizzed by France on Privacy Rules for Android, Cookies

Google Inc. (GOOG), the world’s largest Web-search provider, was questioned by France’s data protection authority to determine whether policies for mobile devices running its Android operating system and information collected using “cookies” violate European privacy rules. The National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties, known by its French acronym as CNIL, asked Google to reply...
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Mobile Apps May Soon Have Their WordPress Moment

Derek Walter for Just as the popular blogging service WordPress simplified web site creation, building iPhone and Android apps can now be done with no coding skills. While these online tools do not yet provide the same kind of complexity that one can produce by building a mobile app with code, they have surprising...
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Google to Penalize Over-SEO’d Sites

The never-ending chicken-and-egg issue of gaining ground in Google results is about to take another abrupt turn. According to Google’s Matt Cutts, the company is working on a new set of tweaks to the fabled “GoogleBot” that will penalize sites that over-optimize for prime Google results. Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz reports that Cutts let...
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Google will answer privacy questions over Safari ‘cookies’

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