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Google to Shutter Google Labs in ‘Streamlining’ Effort

Google is shutting down its Google Labs experimental project incubator as part of an effort at “simplifying and streamlining” the company’s product lines, the search giant revealed on its official blog Wednesday. Referencing Google CEO Larry Page’s recent memo to employees explaining the company’s decision to retire its Google Health and PowerMeter services, Bill Coughran,...
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New domain structure could challenge the SEO industry

Starting in 2012, corporations and municipalities will be able to buy specific domains (for example, .webimax, versus at a price of $185,000. The purpose of this move is to add personalization specific to the originating source, and help classify genres of websites into consolidated groups. But it could cause difficulties for search engine optimization,...
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This Day in Tech: Apple has best-ever quarter; Anonymous suspects arrested

Too busy to keep up with today’s tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET (and elsewhere) for Tuesday, July 19. • Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt will support key Android partner HTC in its patent fight with Apple. Speaking at a Google mobile conference in Tokyo today, Schmidt didn’t specify...
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Google vs. Facebook: Which Can You Trust?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how MySpace’s assets — including some 50 million-odd personal profiles — were purchased by Specific Media, an online ad firm, and the privacy implications of that. Since then, some smart folks have pointed out to me that — hey, looky — Google is also...
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How to edit the WordPress configuration file

Installing WordPress on a website is pretty simple compared to how complicated installing website software used to be. There is only one step that is a little complicated but it only looks complicated rather than actually being so. Before you start, you will need the following information: The name of the database The username and...
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5 Steps Google Must Take Now To Bring Google+ into the Mobile Sphere

 By Hillel Fuld on 17 Jul 11 It is official; Google has made it in the world of social networks. After countless failures, the likes of Buzz and Wave, Google+ has hit ten million users in a short period of two weeks. It seems that user feedback is overwhelmingly positive once you get passed the...
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Non-WordPress Admins Can’t Use Some Types Of Embed Code, Here’s How To Fix It

So this is one that just came to my attention this morning when one of my writers came to me and said that no matter how hard he tried to follow my instructions for using embed code when he saved it would disappear. At first I figured it was user error on his part but...
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SEO is More Alive Than Ever

SEO may be a bitch, but it’s not dead. I wrote last month about my love/hate relationship with search engine optimization. It’s absolutely true. Most of what I don’t love about this space is running an agency (the business side of it). Shortly after I published my post, I came across a brilliant piece by...
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Google+ to Challenge Facebook in Business Brand Ads

Google+ to Challenge Facebook in Business Brand Ads (Page 1 of 2 ) Though it’s early days for Google+, the social network has shown signs of keen user engagement, according to statistics rattled off by none other than Google CEO Larry Page during the company’s second quarter earnings call July 14. Google+ has over 10...
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SEO Responsibilities During Past 12 Years

In every industry job responsibilities change throughout the years. Rand Fishkin shows us how SEO job responsibilities have changed and increased since 1999. He looks at accessibility, keywords, link building, and search verticals. Large-scale industry shifts in the classic SEO model during the past two-and-a-half years have made the greatest impact, he writes, pointing to...
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