Should I Help This SEO Spammer or Should He Suffer?

Two comments.  First, I remove links that people want.  Usually they are just misguided, because my websites are good, but…whatever.  However, one spmmer had gotten by me and last week asked for me to remove his link.  I told him that normally I would not charge, but because he spammed me, his link was not supposed to be there in the first place, so here is the price for my trouble.

The second comment is that legit blog comments are just as dangerous.  I use my name when commenting.  I can use variations of my name (first, last, together, innitials, append an @ with some variation of my business name, etc.)  But there is no getting around that if you spend enough time interacting on blogs, your backlink profile will be heavily skewed towards your name as anchor text, rather than for the products or services your customers seek.  And that worries me on so many levels.

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