Top 3 SEO plugins for WordPress 2017

Driving organic visitors to your blog requires planning, forethought, and strategic search engine optimization strategies. Whereas in the past, your SEO efforts were either hit or miss, now it’s much more effective to create engaging content for your audience. By attacking content creation this way, you are delivering engaging and entertaining information your readership and fanbase is happy to share.

Search engine optimization is far from over. Anyone trying to tell you SEO is dead really isn’t paying attention. In fact, there are some amazing plugins making it easier than ever to share keyword rich content structured for the search engines.

With that said, we’ll take a look at today’s top 3 SEO plugins for WordPress in 2017.

Yoast SEO

yoast seo wordpress plugin

Even if you’re completely inexperienced with WordPress SEO, the odds are you’ve heard of Yoast somewhere along the way. This powerful plugin is the most widely used and actively talked about SEO plugin for WordPress right now, and it holds this honor for very good reasons.

Yoast is a powerful tool for bloggers. It allows them to look at their content and analyze it for SEO performance. Their algorithm goes through your content with a fine tooth comb and guarantees you have the best keywords and the right ratios for optimal search engine performance.

Customized dashboard settings make it simple to configure the plugin to your liking. You can alter certain parts of the pages or the way titles work. You also have the option to set up custom descriptions for author pages and category archives. This plugin is even capable of creating a Google friendly sitemap and it can tell Google’s bots whether you want to index author pages, tags, and categories.

According to a popular merchant card services website, the Yoast SEO plugin is powerful, effective, and perfect for search engine optimization beginners looking to improve their rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

WP Scanner

wp scan plugin

WP Scanner is the perfect plugin to install for those looking to improve the performance of their website. This plugin is not only powerful in numerous ways, it’s also enjoyable to use because it provides the user with an exact rundown of their WordPress performance stats and shares valuable information about website page load times. It’s also really helpful because it shares impressive tips that will teach users how to resolve certain issues bogging down your website and making it run slowly.

This plugin is designed to run through a checklist of performance metrics, and it performs tasks that include: analyzing HTTP requests made by your website, CDN checks, cache control header checks, footer script load time performance improvements, and more than 20 other performance optimization tests. By gaining access to this valuable data, you’ll learn exactly why your website runs slow and know the precise steps to take to fix them.

According to a site that will teach you how to set up your Plumfund today, gaining access to WP Scanner’s valuable data will help improve your website’s performance across the board.

SEO Image Toolbox

SEO Image toolbox wordpress plugin

This impressive WordPress plugin completes a dynamic rundown of your images’ performance. It looks at structured data, analyzes for errors, and the plugin also goes through the errors and makes changes and adjustments to improve SEO image performance. Plus, this lightweight tool isn’t going to add additional weight or bog down your WordPress performance.

According to, SEO Image Toolbox is the best lightweight WordPress plugin to improve your blog’s search engine image performance.

Please use these recommended WordPress plugins to improve your search engine optimization performance in 2017 and beyond.

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