Top-7 Mobile App Analytics Tools in 2019 – 2020

Mobile app analytics are representing essential tools for many business owners since they can allow you to gain more information about the behavior of your users. However, the market for such tools is rather big, that’s why that’s why the mobile app analytics comparison article can help you.

The information generated by these tools can help you build better marketing strategies that can result in more conversions. Choosing the best analytics app is not easy, that’s why we selected a few great ones for you.

Google Mobile App Analytics

Because of the constant improvement Google products experienced, the Google Analytics app represents one of the best options available on the market right now. Besides their seamless integration and intuitive design, their service is also providing, straight out of the box, data that other Analytics tools don’t.

Since it’s from Google, the app has direct access to Google Play statistics, allowing the business owners to track their conversions directly, without any additional configurations. Their service is able to collect pretty much all types of analytical data and statistics reports, in a highly secured manner.

Flurry Analytics

Flurry is one of the most popular analytics tools, coming second right after Google Analytics. The tool experienced lots of success thanks to its useful features, all for free. Even if Flurry doesn’t provide financial readings regarding your app, the other types of data that it provides makes it worth using.

Flurry allows app owners to collect data about the number of new users, their demographics, language, and even their actions inside the app, among many more. The tool provides complex user data, on most mobile operating systems, for free.

Firebase Analytics

Firebase is another analytics tool owned by Google that was purchased by them back in 2014. Firebase is meant to be an alternative for Google Analytics 360, both of them providing a mobile app tracking solution for businesses. Even if owned by the same company, Firebase and Google Analytics 360 can be rather different from certain points of view.

The app has a large number of features, advanced mobile analytics UI, cloud storage for collected data, and even Machine Learning for developers being only a few. If integrated with one of the dozens of platforms that are supporting Firebase, the functionalities of this tool increase exponentially.


Mixpanel is another popular analytics tool that is approaching the data universe from a different perspective. If the apps mentioned above mostly focus on providing information about the number of users and their conversions, Mixpanel is focusing solely on the behavior of those users.

Even if this is a paid app, features such as audience targeting, and real-time behavior tracking makes it worth the extra money. Such data can help you design a better User Interface and an overall better app rewarding you by providing a better user experience.


Amplitude, unlike some of the other apps mentioned above, is not a service for tracking data but, mostly for analyzing it. The main focus of this app is user behavior, providing you with the needed information to understand, customers. The ability to view your user retention rate and analyzing the behavior of those users are only a few of the key features of this tool.


Localytics is a premium analytics app, similar in many regards to Mixpanel. The team behind this tool strongly believes that app owners, instead of focusing on conversions, should first focus on getting to know their users better, Localytics being able to help them accomplish just that. The app has both a paid but also a more limiting free version.


Adjust is more of a tracker, allowing people to gather valuable information both about their users but, also about the app marketplace in general. This tool is best used with marketing purposes in mind since the data provided by it, is perfect for improving promotional campaigns. However, there is no free version when it comes to Adjust.


Having a mobile app analytics tool is becoming increasingly important and any app owner should take advantage of the data provided by these tools. Using such a service will allow you to gain valuable insight into the growth of your app, and the behavior of your users, giving you the opportunity to implement more effective marketing campaigns.

The insight provided by such analytics tools will allow you to fix the things that are wrong with your app, and eventually grow your conversion rates and profits.

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