LIST: TCB’s all-time best (according to Google Analytics) | The NC Triad’s altweekly

1. Local conservative activists prepare for violent confrontation with Islam  (Feb. 18, 2017; by Jordan Green; 137,145 pageviews) Triad City Beat’s website, triad-city-beat.com, has amassed more than 5 million hits since we began clocking them with Google Analytics in April 2014. But none got more than this one, in which our reporter described a strange...
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Bounteous Announces Acquia Collaboration & Google Analytics Integration

Bounteous announced it is collaborating with digital experience company Acquia to create Insight-Driven Journeys. This new offering will enable customers to make the most of their data to deliver personalized content and targeted marketing to the right audiences, at the right time. The solution helps optimize digital marketing spend by using data analysis to identify key audience segments...
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Google Analytics and Angular in Magento Credit Card Stealing Scripts

Over the last few months, we’ve noticed several credit card-stealing scripts that use variations of the Google Analytics name to make them look less suspicious and evade detection by website owners. The malicious code is obfuscated and injected into legitimate JS files, such as skin/frontend/default/theme122k/js/jquery.jscrollpane.min.js, js/meigee/jquery.min.js, and js/varien/js.js. Injected code The obfuscated code loads another...
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Four limitations of Google Analytics

For digital marketing support, deeper is better than wider  We’ve all heard the saying, “jack of all trades, master of none.” This might be used to describe your neighborhood … Article source: https://rbj.net/2019/03/04/four-limitations-of-google-analytics/
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Google Analytics: Tracking Sales When Multiple Sites Use a Single Checkout

Larger ecommerce companies sometimes create multiple branded websites that feed into a single checkout. For those companies, tracking which site generated the business — revenue — can be tricky. In this post, I will provide a method for reporting the “source of business” metrics in Google Analytics. 1-800-Flowers 1-800-Flowers.com deployed multiple websites under one umbrella...
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Analytics Bar aims to raise the bar (for Google Analytics stats) – CW Developer Network

Typically, web developers who run multiple websites or multiple online web applications and associated web services have to open browsers of every website or app to view Google Analytics stats. This is a pain, so say the web developers at Analytics Bar, who have attempted to shortcut the issue. Analytics Bar offers a single point...
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Card-Skimming Scripts Hide Behind Google Analytics, Angular

A host of credit card-stealing scripts have popped up on the web, injected into websites and purporting to be legitimate Google Analytics or Angular utilities in order to avoid webmaster notice. According to research from Sucuri, the malicious code is obfuscated and injected into legitimate JS files, mainly on Magento-built sites. A JS file is...
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Google to acquire data migration startup Alooma

Google announced on Tuesday that it plans to acquire the cloud migration startup Alooma. The startup is known for its tool that lets enterprises automate data ingestion pipelines into the cloud, as well as for its cloud migration and data cleansing services. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.  Alooma has been an integration...
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How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site

Google Analytics may not be the only web analytics software, but it is one of the most popular. It’s also a great way to see exactly how your website is doing. Once installed, you can instantly see which posts are the most popular, how long people spend on your site, and where they came from....
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Google Analytics for real estate?

Agentology has launched a new dashboard feature that it describes as a Google Analytics-like information stream for real estate marketing campaigns. Article source: https://www.inman.com/2019/02/19/google-analytics-for-real-estate/
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