4 Steps to Master Google Analytics

If you own a website, then we’re sure you might have used Google Analytics at some point. To know what works well for your business website and what doesn’t, Google Analytics is the most suitable tool to measure these aspects of your business. Confused about Google Analytics? Here is the best user guide that explains...
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Google Defends Search Results: No Influence On Ads Or Google Analytics

Here we have Danny Sullivan, who now works at Google, defending Google’s organic, free search results. He said again, Google’s organic results are not influenced by ads, the Google Ad program and also Google Analytics has no influence on Google’s organic results. Here are his tweets defending Google over the weekend: No. We have ads....
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Get Proficient With Google Analytics and Improve Your Earning Potential

Caption Close If you want customers to find your brand on the web, you’re going to have to put in a little work. Learning the ins and outs of Google Analytics will help you organize all of the data your company collects and put it to work on actionable marketing plans. This Google Analytics Certification...
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Google’s New Service Aims To Accelerate Analytics Projects Inside BigQuery

A new service makes it easier to transfer data from third-party sources into Google’s BigQuery cloud data warehouse. The service promises to accelerate analytics projects by reducing the setup and maintenance overhead traditionally incurred when centralizing disparate data sources. Logan Welley, strategic alliances at Fivetran, Google’s launch partner for the service, discussed the details in...
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How to Write Better Content Using Google Analytics

Image credit: Gaudilab/Shutterstock Google Analytics is perhaps one of the most important tools for developing website content. It all starts with understanding your expectations and what metrics you should track to produce the best content for your audience. Google Analytics is perhaps one of the most important tools for developing website content. Far too many...
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Google introduces new guidelines for linking Google Ads with Google Analytics

Website owners and digital marketers who use Google Ads to monetize their blogs are often looking for ways to enhance their working and improve their ad performance. Well, now they can do this by pairing Google Ads and Google Analytics that will give them insights on their ads that can ultimately be used to improve...
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Using Alerts in Google Analytics for Slow Site Speeds

I’ve addressed site speed reports in Google Analytics. Site speed is critical for conversions and, increasingly, for search engine rankings. In this post, I’ll explain how to set up Custom Alerts in Google Analytics to notify site owners of page speed problems. Site Speed Alerts The “Custom Alerts” configuration section in Google Analytics is behind the...
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How Google Analytics Help Small Business Owners to Make Better Business Decisions

You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Google analytics might seem scary at the first site. But you are an accomplished owner of a dynamic and customer-focused small business and your website represents your business! So, being inquisitive about the traffic data is your religion. As a fact, you want to know...
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Top-7 Mobile App Analytics Tools in 2019 – 2020

Mobile app analytics are representing essential tools for many business owners since they can allow you to gain more information about the behavior of your users. However, the market for such tools is rather big, that’s why that’s why the mobile app analytics comparison article can help you. The information generated by these tools can...
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Measuring Traffic from Google Shopping’s New Organic Listings

In my previous article, “Real-time SEO: Create a Google Product Feed from an XML Sitemap,” I explained how Google Shopping is expanding to include free organic search listings. The next step is to explore an easy way to measure the performance of organic traffic coming from Shopping feeds. Is it new traffic? Or does it...
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