Store: How To Get Google Analytics-Certified In 48 Hours

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Get Certified in Google Analytics in 48 Hours

Content is king when it comes to digital marketing, but you won’t get very far if you can’t see how people are responding to your content. There are hundreds of tools out there claiming that they can help you get the most out of the data you collect from your website or social media channels....
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Using Google Analytics’ Learning Resources

Google Analytics is sophisticated and comprehensive. Getting started — logging in, using the menu, viewing the reports — is straightforward. But interpreting the data can be difficult. Fortunately, Google Analytics offers many learning resources to help. Reports Google Analytics provides helpful instruction on using the platform. An example is a link in the header for...
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How to Use Google Analytics Tips to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Creating an effective marketing strategy takes time, effort, and planning. Tailoring the marketing strategy to the business or product requires multiple different components and is specific to each case. Below are three Google analytic tips that can help improve your marketing strategy. Utilize the information available Using Google Analytics can be extremely beneficial for improving...
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Get certified in Google Analytics in just 48 hours with this course

TL;DR: Snag the essential Google Analytics Certification for $13.99 in the Mashable Shop. It’s typically $199.99 so you’ll save 93%. Data rules all in 2019. And if you don’t plan to be a full-blown data scientist, you should at least understand how to navigate Google Analytics. Think of it as the public transportation of data...
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Google introduces App + Web for unified reporting in Google Analytics

The customer journey has become increasingly complex over time, with users often switching back and forth between desktop and mobile and various channels before buying. It is thus fairly challenging for marketers to gain an accurate and complete view of their customers’ paths to purchase. Two great tastes. Google has historically had two separate tools...
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3 Tips to Track Marketing Attribution with Google Analytics and Facebook Attribution

Did you know that 45% of digital touchpoints aren’t visible via traditional marketing attribution tools? The advanced capabilities of Google Analytics and Facebook Attribution offer a workaround. In this article, we discuss: 3 things to remember when using Google Analytics for marketing attribution How to set up Facebook’s Attribution platform Which of the two belongs in...
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Google introduces a unified app and web property in Google Analytics

Google this week introduced a new way to measure apps and websites together for the first time in Google Analytics. Google launched a new property type, App + Web, that allows advertisers to combine app and web data for unified reporting and analysis. The first version of this new app and web experience—including the new event...
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Google to Unify App and Website Measurement in Google Analytics

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Simplifying Google Analytics configuration with Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics is a crucial part of any online marketer’s toolbox. Getting analytics data starts with a proper installation of the tracking code. Thankfully, Google Tag Manager makes this process simple, even when modifications to the Analytics code are required. Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows you to deploy Google Analytics tracking without adding any further...
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