Simplifying Google Analytics configuration with Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics is a crucial part of any online marketer’s toolbox. Getting analytics data starts with a proper installation of the tracking code. Thankfully, Google Tag Manager makes this process simple, even when modifications to the Analytics code are required. Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows you to deploy Google Analytics tracking without adding any further...
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Save $190 on Google Analytics Certification Course | News & Opinion

This Weekend Only: Extra $300 Off LG’s 55-Inch OLED C9 2019 TV Article source: https://www.pcmag.com/news/369726/save-190-on-google-analytics-certification-course
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Still available via Google Analytics: Data slurped from 4 million browsers

reader comments 42 with 27 posters participating Six days after Ars revealed an online service selling links to tax returns, prescription refills, and reams of other sensitive information collected from more than four million browsers, the data remains available to existing customers—thanks, in part, to essential assistance from Google Analytics. In a July 11 email,...
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Earn a Google Analytics certification for just $10

TL;DR: The Google Analytics certification course from Udemy will get you the industry-recognized skills that you’ve been after — get the course for just $9.99 in the PCMag Shop (usually $199.99). In today’s job world, we have to be constantly looking for ways to make ourselves truly indispensable for employers (there’s only so much a...
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What Minecraft Taught Group Nine Media About the Importance of Analytics – PR News

Social media expert and Group Nine Media audience development director Erin Weaver served up wisdom backed by personal flare at PRNEWS’ Digital Bootcamp yesterday, emphasizing the value of content and illustrating for the audience why excelling at Google Analytics is a goal worth prioritizing. By transferring raw data into excel spreadsheets and learning about the...
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Privacy Badger Starts Blocking Google Analytics | Decipher

In the never-ending battle between online trackers and blockers, the companies producing the trackers tend to stay a bit ahead, constantly tweaking their techniques in order to keep tabs on people as they move around the web. This forces the ad blockers to adjust in turn, and recently the EFF made a significant change to...
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Fastbase New 3.0 Extension to Google Analytics Boosts Lead Generation to a New High Level for B2B companies

The fast-growing Saas company Fastbase, is now ready to launch a new powerful version of the popular Google Analytics extension that identifies website visitors worldwide. The new extension version Web Leads 3.0 for Google Analytics is anticipated early in August and is expected to receive a lot of attention.  The release of Web Leads 3.0, the new extension for Google Analytics, means that search terms can now be linked directly to...
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The Importance of Digital Marketing Analytics (+Pitfalls to Avoid)

There’s an interesting paradox in the digital marketing and analytics landscape. Article source: https://learn.g2.com/digital-marketing-analytics
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Technology Meetup Recap: Google Analytics and Your Store

The American Booksellers Association’s first Technology Meetup was held on Tuesday, July 2, and focused on helping booksellers better understand and make use of Google Analytics. This new series is part of ABA’s ongoing education initiative for stores; Technology Meetups will take place one Tuesday per month at 2:00 p.m. ET; ABA’s Marketing Meetups will...
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Use Google Analytics to write informed content

Knowing your audience and your reach, you can use existing Google Analytics data to tailor the content you’re posting on blogs, social media and online articles. Writing your content based on analytics will help you: 1. Learn the age and gender of the audience so that you can relate more effectively. 2. Evaluate entry points...
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