Become a Google Analytics master for under $20

TLDR: Understand web traffic like the back of your hand with this Ultimate Google Analytics training bundle for $19.99. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Or, to put it in more modern terms, if important information gets posted to a website,...
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How to Use Google Analytics Lifetime Value Reports to Highlight Valuable Marketing

PHOTO: Carlos Luna You have a lot of reports to examine, but not sure what should be used for discovering long-term value. One good report to try is the Lifetime Value Report. Though in beta, the report has existed in Google Analytics since 2017. It has significant value for focusing on what is influencing your...
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Google launches Firebase Extensions and Analytics integration for app developers

Google’s Firebase is getting new tools and upgrades today to help app developers get more done. These include tools to test their creations, including a Google Analytics integration for tracking performance and analyzing insights from smartphone and web app usage stats. To automate some work, Firebase Extensions is a set of premade code packages designed...
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6 Important Google Analytics Metrics You Need to Track

When you log in to your Google Analytics, are you just seeing a bunch of numbers that make you scratch your head in bewilderment? Google Analytics can be confusing and overwhelming for beginners.  It’s not just a bunch of numbers and random information though. If you know what to look for, it’s valuable data that...
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Google Analytics can’t tell you everything about your customers’ behavior

During numerous conversations I’ve had with great journalists, publishers, and content professionals, I’ve found on the whole they don’t really like wasting too much time with numbers, let alone spend hours digging through content performance data. Having access to dashboards and reports they can easily understand in just one glance, though? Well, that’s a whole...
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How charities can get started with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a completely free web analytics tool provided by Google that anyone with a website can use to automatically pull in stats on their website’s performance, to track and measure data on traffic and website visitors. Chris Hall, Marketing Manager at Charity Digital says: “It’s easy to be put off by the home...
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5 Reasons Every Webmaster Should Use Google Analytics

There are plenty of reasons that every single person designing a website needs some form of analytics. The simple reason that is when building a site and optimizing it to bring in different eyes and hold views on pages for a certain amount of time requires the insight only found with analytics. There are lots...
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Learn to wield Google’s powerful analytics tools [Deals]

Google holds an outsized influence on what people engage with on the internet. So making your mark online means making the most of Google’s analytics tools. With this deeply discounted bundle of courses in Google Analytics, you’ll learn how. The Ultimate Google Analytics Mastery Bundle includes 9 courses with about 43 hours of video content....
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How Recruiters Can Get More Out of Google Analytics

Data powers the modern business. Find out how you as a recruiter can be using Google Analytics to power your searches and help find the quality candidates you need, writes Adrian Cernat, CEO and co-founder SmartDreamers. “Data-driven recruiting.” Has a nice, cutting-edge, 21st-century sound, doesn’t it? The question is, just what is data-driven recruiting and...
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iProspect Hong Kong is city’s first 4A agency certified as Google Analytics 360 Reseller

Google has picked iProspect Hong Kong as a Google Analytics 360 Reseller, the first 4As agency receiving this certification in the city. By obtaining the Google Analytics license, iProspect Hong Kong will now be able to offer full web analytics solutions for the toolset including strategy, tagging, implementation, and site analytics. Moreover, the entire consulting team at iProspect...
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