How to Turn Google BigQuery Into A Powerful Marketing Data Warehouse

This post was sponsored by Supermetrics. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. The Martech 5000 supergraphic highlights the big challenge facing marketers. As more products, tools, and platforms arise, so too does the amount of data marketers need to gather, monitor, and analyze. To further compound this challenge, Scott Brinker, the...
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Use Google Analytics To Improve Your Website

Google Analytics is a free tool that tracks and gathers data from the people who visit your website. The system uses a JavaScript code that collects and processes data that is then presented to you in the Google Analytics platform. A tracking code will collect anonymous information on how users interact with your website. It...
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11 Google Analytics Reports You Might Not Know About

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Manager, Affiliate and Partner Business Analytics job with Consumer Reports | 396881

Overview In partnership with the Senior Director of Business Development and the Manager, Affiliate Program, this individual will handle analytics reporting and distribution of key affiliate and partner performance indicators to stakeholders. The role will be accountable for revealing and translating insights into tactical recommendations that are actionable, drive business growth and contribute to the...
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Google Chrome Dials Up Browser Privacy Protections In Answer To Safari ITP

Google Chrome is increasing its privacy controls for users and will scramble efforts by third parties to identify users via fingerprinting, making it the last major browser to strengthen its privacy protections for users. The changes, formally unveiled during the Google I/O event Tuesday, will roll out in coming months. Chrome will make it easier...
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Use Google Analytics to write informed content

Knowing your audience and your reach, you can use existing Google Analytics data to tailor the content you’re posting on blogs, social media and online articles. Writing your content based on analytics will help you: 1. Learn the age and gender of the audience so that you can relate more effectively. 2. Evaluate entry points...
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Analyze Click Paths in Google Analytics to Improve Conversions

Monitoring the navigation of visitors can help ecommerce merchants identify bottlenecks to the checkout page. There are two ways to analyze paths in Google Analytics: Behavior Flow and Navigation analysis. Behavior Flow Reporting To view this reporting, go to Behavior Behavior Flow. In Google Analytics, go to Behavior Behavior Flow. Click image to enlarge. Behavior...
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How to use Google Analytics: A beginner’s guide to Google’s service for website-traffic analytics

The standard version of Google Analytics is a free online tool that Google provides to help you understand, analyze, and improve your website traffic. It’s easy to create a Google Analytics account and start tracking your site performance, as long as you can edit your site’s HTML tag. There are a lot of reports available...
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Google Analytics for Firebase will have multiple filters on event reports

Google is rolling out multi filters in Google Analytics for Firebase over the next few weeks, the company announced this week. Until now users could use one filter only on event reports. Until now was only possible to have an event with one filter only, and Google announced that advertisers and publishers will be able...
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5 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins

From SEO to content strategy and paid social media plans, you come across all kinds of ways to boost your website traffic. But the biggest problem isn’t the traffic that you generate through your website, it’s how well you interpret it, which finally decides your website’s success. This is where Google analytics becomes crucial for...
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