How Google Analytics Help Small Business Owners to Make Better Business Decisions

You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Google analytics might seem scary at the first site. But you are an accomplished owner of a dynamic and customer-focused small business and your website represents your business! So, being inquisitive about the traffic data is your religion. As a fact, you want to know...
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Top-7 Mobile App Analytics Tools in 2019 – 2020

Mobile app analytics are representing essential tools for many business owners since they can allow you to gain more information about the behavior of your users. However, the market for such tools is rather big, that’s why that’s why the mobile app analytics comparison article can help you. The information generated by these tools can...
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Measuring Traffic from Google Shopping’s New Organic Listings

In my previous article, “Real-time SEO: Create a Google Product Feed from an XML Sitemap,” I explained how Google Shopping is expanding to include free organic search listings. The next step is to explore an easy way to measure the performance of organic traffic coming from Shopping feeds. Is it new traffic? Or does it...
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Google News Initiative releases real-time Analytics dashboard for newsrooms

Last week, Google marked the one year anniversary of its Google News Initiative aimed at supporting publications with new technology and funding. The company today announced new analytics tools to help news organizations make better use of incoming data. As a follow up to last year’s News Consumer Insights report, Google is launching Realtime Content...
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How id Software went from skeptical to excited about Google Stadia streaming

reader comments 194 with 86 posters participating, including story author GDC 2019 Valve Software dreams of analyzing your brainwaves to tailor in-game rewards A dev trained robots to generate “garbage” slot machine games—and made $50K Google tries to reassure gamers about Stadia speed and latency concerns Epic CEO: “You’re going to see lower prices” on...
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This Instructional Designer Widens Teachers’ Horizons With A Google Analytics LMS Setup. More Learning Analytics

@cristiantduque The learning analytics journey gets easier every day. Still, there are lots of challenges to overcome. Two particular problem areas spring up: Mindsets and organizational culture. Often, disinformation limits a teacher’s ability to leverage learning analytics. But previous experience from analytics can also be detrimental to its understanding, as top mind Elizabeth Dalton has...
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How to Become Google Analytics Certified with PrepAway Online Platform?

Are you willing to earn Google Analytics certification? If yes, then you are on the right page, as here you will learn about Google Analytics exam and how you can pass it the easiest way possible. What is Google Analytics? You must be having a fair idea of Google Analytics still it will be good to brush up...
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SEO: Google Launches Algorithm Update to Little Notice

Once or twice a year Google releases a broad core algorithm update. The March 12 update, called Florida 2, was typical: unannounced. Google acknowledged it only after industry leaders reached out with questions about performance changes they saw across a broad number of sites. Some algorithm updates are specific in their intent. The famous Panda...
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Use Google Analytics to write informed content

Knowing your audience and your reach, you can use existing Google Analytics data to tailor the content you’re posting on blogs, social media and online articles. Writing your content based on analytics will help you: 1. Learn the age and gender of the audience so that you can relate more effectively. 2. Evaluate entry points...
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12th June – Cardiff Google Analytics Course

Description Learn to report, measure and improve website activity on our 1-day workshop. On this hands-on Google Analytics Training Course we will explore Google Analytics from account set-up, to looking at how the interface works, understanding how to interpret metrics and dimensions, creating dashboards  and on to its more advanced reporting capabilities.  The course is designed to help you better...
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