Google’s project to fill local news void announces first city: Youngstown, Ohio

Cramer: Netflix went from ‘easy money to hard money’ in one fell… “We’ve seen Netflix stumble before, especially maybe after a price hike, but not quite like this,” Jim Cramer says. Mad Money with Jim Cramerread more Article source: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/18/google-spends-millions-on-digital-reboot-of-vindicator-in-youngstown.html
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Ted Cruz: Google has ‘a staggering amount of power’ to shape culture

Senator Ted Cruz told a top Google executive for Tuesday that “more and more Americans demand accountability from Big Tech,” alleging the Silicon Valley giant is biased against conservatives. The Texas Republican, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, held a hearing focused on Google and its content policies Tuesday. Cruz said Google...
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These Are The Real Problems Revealed By The Belgian Leak Of Google Assistant Voice Recordings

Google’s smart speakers are not eavesdropping on your conversations. Credit: Google Late last week, a story broke about Google using the Assistant in devices like the Nest Hub and Google Home to “eavesdrop” on users. VRT NWS, a Belgian news organization, reported listening to “more than a thousand” leaked Assistant voice recordings that included “conversations...
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Google takes another run at social networking with Shoelace

Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, is working on a new social networking app called Shoelace which is aimed at organizing local events and activities. You use it by listing your interests in the app, allowing it to recommend a series of “hand-picked” local activities which it calls “Loops.” You can also organize your own events,...
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Don’t get pulled over this weekend. Check your speed with Google Maps

Google Maps. NurPhoto/Getty Images The 4th of July means fireworks (learn how to take the best photos), cookouts and, unfortunately, speed traps. If you use Google Maps while you drive, you can keep an eye on how fast you’re going with a recent speedometer tool built into navigation. Yes, we know your car already has one, but...
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Endless AI-generated spam risks clogging up Google’s search results

Over the past year, AI systems have made huge strides in their ability to generate convincing text, churning out everything from song lyrics to short stories. Experts have warned that these tools could be used to spread political disinformation, but there’s another target that’s equally plausible and potentially more lucrative: gaming Google. Instead of being...
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Google And Amazon’s Disruption Of The Online Travel Industry Is Looking Inevitable

Is the online travel industry headed for a major shakeup? Getty Is the travel industry heading for a new world order? There remains little doubt among travel experts that tech goliaths Google and Amazon will dominate the online travel arena, threatening to bust up the duopoly of Expedia Group (which owns Expedia, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Orbitz,...
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Google’s third subsea cable will pump data from Portugal to South Africa

Google’s Equiano subsea cable will connect Portugal, South Africa, Nigeria and likely other nations. Google Google’s third undersea network cable will shuttle high-speed data from Portugal to South Africa and countries in between starting in 2021, a fiber-optic line called Equiano. The fiber-optic line is part of Google’s massive investment in computing infrastructure — an...
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Check your settings if you don’t want Google tracking every move

CLOSE If you want to use certain Google features, you’ll get a notification urging you to turn the feature on. USA TODAY MORRO BAY, Calif. – I stepped out of the car and took a visit to a local hotel here right off the main road. It was so easy to find, I didn’t have to...
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How to Spot (and Avoid) Fake Google Maps Listings

Caroline Ige of Silver Spring, Md., woke up recently in the middle of the night with sharp pain in her lower abdomen. She was nauseated and had chills. Hoping to avoid a potentially long wait time at the emergency room, her husband did a Google search for a 24-hour urgent-care center nearby. Google listed one...
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