MarTech Today Research: A marketer’s guide to enterprise SEO platforms

Enterprise SEO continues to grow more complex as the technology and algorithms powering search engines evolve.  Comprehensive enterprise SEO platforms offer multiple features to help teams manage and automate search optimization tactics, but the vetting and selection process can be overwhelming. A new report from MarTech Today Research looks at 18 enterprise SEO platforms, selected...
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Techniques to improve your SEO rankings in 2019.

Submit |RSS|Print|Comments Loading… 6. Analyze On – page factors of the website Article source: https://www.hostreview.com/blog/190125-techniques-to-improve-your-seo-rankings-in-2019
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How reputation became a major ranking factor in SEO

Over 10 years ago, I predicted that Google could use quality scoring for organic rankings, and I also proposed a number of ways they could quantify the quality of websites and specific factors that could be vital for this. The recent core algorithm updates and Medic Update over the past year, and publication of the...
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"Super wolf blood moon” is a media and SEO invention

There is no such thing as a “blood moon.” It’s mostly a media invention, driven largely by efforts to get readers to visit news websites—through a tactic known as “search engine optimization”—that likely began thanks to nonsensical apocalyptic “prophecies” promoted by a handful of fringe Christian pastors and writers in 2014. It’s not clear who...
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Essential SEO Tips to Remeber in 2019

It’s a new year and that means new trends and strategies to take into consideration as part of your SEO efforts. While SEO hasn’t been completely revolutionised over the holiday period, it’s still worth getting a refresher on what is currently working best for SEO practitioners. A lot of the trends and strategies from 2018...
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Demystifying Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has been around for some time, but many people still don’t know that there is such a thing, and if they do, they are, at best, mystified by it. Shawn Byrne, Founder and CEO, of SEOPhoenix.net talks about what SEO is and see what it’s about. It’s easy to think that search engine optimization...
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The SEO Problem With Websites Having Multiple Businesses At One Address

GettyGetty Most small business owners understand the importance of having a Google My Business listing in order to appear in Google Maps. Getting these listings is very straightforward: You enter your business information and verify it with a postcard. Easy enough, right? Unfortunately, this ease of verification lulls business owners into a trap of optimism:...
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Why Dutch entrepreneurs need to know how to do SEO

Thousands of people in the Netherlands, including DutchNews.nl readers, are online entrepreneurs. But what do all of these people have in common? They develop and promote their business through a website. However, not everyone’s website gets visitors from search engines. We’re going to let you in on a secret, but to do that, we need...
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5 ways to improve ROI on seasonal pages by optimizing your SEO crawl budget

What is a crawl budget? Google’s goal is to make useful information available to people searching the web. To accomplish that, Google wants to crawl and index content from quality sources. Crawling the web is costly: Google uses as much energy per year as the entire city of San Francisco, just to crawl websites. In...
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StrategiQ launches Spark, an SEO deployment platform

StrategiQ, a digital marketing agency, launched a new tool called Spark to help SEOs test and deploy SEO-related changes on their own without developer overhead. Why you should care. One of the biggest obstacles SEOs have to deal with is getting their SEO recommendations and audit reports implemented. Ideally, marketers would be able to add...
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