United Kingdom SEO is still Google-centric

Every month as Bing picks up another hundredth of a percent of search engine market share in the UK, articles bombard the Internet extolling the need to optimise websites for more than Google. It is true that the results from these two search engines manage to differ greatly. And it would be nice if there were a way to build and promote websites so as to be favoured by both. But with Google still maintaining a better than 90% share of UK searches, there is honestly no need to waste resources on Bing optimisation. One simply works hard to please the Googlebot and lets the Bing result happen of its own accord.

There is however another traffic generating website that has conquered the British Internet Isles. That site is Facebook. With the average UK household visiting Facebook two and one half hours per day, the social network needs to be given its due. This is not so much a matter of keeping up with SEO, for SEO stands for search engine optimisation and not social network optimisation.

What we need to address is development of techniques so as to ride on the coattails of Facebook and any ensuing social networks so as to drive traffic to our websites. At the present time Facebook et al allows us to open accounts and get our friends and associates to chime in about the wonders of our wares. In light of the cost of major sponsored ads on Facebook and the manual effort required for self promotion, our dreams for viral promotion seem stuck in “sleep mode.” But if the public continues to leave questions answered by engines in favour of general happy consensus, we are going to need a clever means of offering traffic from social network sites to the public.

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