Using Keyword Links is Vital for On-Page SEO

Using Keyword Links is Vital for On-Page SEO

By Andrew Redfern @ 8th July 2011 8:20 am

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about altering the makeup and the information within your site in order to make it as visible as possible to the search engine’s spiders or crawlers, for relevant keyword matches, and doing so in such a way as to rank highly within the search results that are subsequently presented to the user.

Many people are not realising their site’s full potential because they are unaware of many of the ways in which a site can be altered to improve SEO.

It is true that making the text based content of each page as rich with keywords or key phrases as possible is a proven way to improve your site ranking within the search engine results, but the main body of information within the page is only one element of the page that the search engines are able to read and react to.

The more elements within the page that feature the keywords or key phrases, the more relevant the search will deem the page to be and thus the further up the search listings it will appear.

Be sure that links both to your site, and within it, make use of your keyword or key phrase, and avoid using generic ‘click here’ links. The words ‘click’ and ‘here’ are unlikely to be key to your target search and subsequently don’t optimise your search engine potential.

Similarly, many sites use links that aren’t text based, such as images that, when clicked, redirect to another page. These links might be straightforward for the user, but search engines cannot read images and therefore these links hold no value in terms of improving your position within the search result listings.

If you’re linking to a particular page, you’re best referring to that very thing within a text link, that way you’ll enjoy the residual benefits of improved SEO.

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