"What is marketing?" and why you should be answering the same question

David Mercer

This is not yet another article that answers the question “What is marketing?“. Instead, it tells you how to use Internet marketing, along with some SEO keyword research, to cleverly drive targeted traffic for your blog, startup, business or eCommerce site. The principles also apply to traditional marketing too, so read along even if you are… more traditional in your approach.

Many eCommerce store owners and other business people (whether they are entrepreneurs, bloggers, SMEs, etc) often find it difficult to really capture the spirit of Internet marketing. Companies that are successful and prominent seem to have this “knack” for creating content that is just… hugely popular. This success can be hard to replicate. That is, until you know how.

What is marketing… the case for SEO content

Hands up anyone who has tried to create a great piece of content in the hopes that it will go viral and generate enormous amounts of buzz, hype, interest, SEO goodness, social media awareness, traditional media awareness, visibility, reputation, and anything else you can think of, only to have it fail and disappear into the sea of online content, never to return. Everyone’s done it, right? If you haven’t then you aren’t marketing your business properly.

My point is this:

What is marketing… the case for SEO keyword research

So why is the title of this article “What is marketing?“. The answer is simple: Google reports that there are approximately 31 000 000, that’s thirty one million, global monthly searches on that term. That’s a big pie, and I want a share of it. But, the question “What is marketing?” has been answered to death a million times over in exactly the same way. So I need to think like one of those highly paid advertising creatives and come up with a way to distinguish myself from the crowd while still competing for that SEO keyphrase.

What is marketing… SEO content creativity and originality

My answer is to write about the essence of internet marketing (as opposed to providing yet another dry definition, like every other site out there) in order to provide an answer to the question “what is marketing” in a completely original and unique way. And here it is:

Marketing, at least in the online sense, is about finding and exploiting the gaps. You’ll be surprised how little real content oriented innovation there really is. Mostly, people create SEO enhanced content in the same way over and over. What appears to be marketing saturation and keyword competitiveness is effectively massive duplication.

What do I mean by finding and exploiting gaps? Look at your own niche. Look for SEO keywords and keyphrases that are not saturated with millions of marketing messages. Then look at the areas that are saturated and highly competitive (like “What is marketing” and work out how to present good content in a unique and interesting way so that you are distinguished despite the competitiveness.

What is marketing… the Internet marketing methodology

Using these two techniques you can build up a great body of marketing content that oozes up through the otherwise iron clad wall of SEO content, to appear all over the first page SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Your tactics as an online marketer are therefore the following:

  1. Produce SEO enhanced content for relevant niche areas that are not highly competitive
  2. Produce creatively distinguished SEO enhanced content for niches that are already saturated and competitive

In effect, you are going to end up looking for your own “what is marketing” niche questions to provide answers to. At all times, think laterally. Develop your creative marketing skills and think of ways to build up a body of content that will excite and interest your target audience. By revisiting SEO keywords and topics that have been traditionally sewn up by other sites and producing content that is something new, you can rattle a few cages, stir things up and start to dominate the search engines, driving traffic, recognition and business in the process.

That, my friends, is my answer to the question “What is marketing?

Article source: http://www.businessinsider.com/what-is-marketing-and-why-you-should-be-answering-the-same-question-2011-6

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