Why following SEO trends guarantees SEO budget waste.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can have a strong impact on a business, driving revenue and profits. Other times, it’s frustrating and fruitless and feels like you’re pouring money down the drain.

A lot of content has been published on the virtues of SEO and why you should use it, but few have been published on what happens when SEO turns out to be a waste of resources. Let’s look at the pros and cons of investing in SEO, what you can do to work around some issues and when it might be best to cut your losses.

No developer means no SEO

Important SEO initiatives, such as an audit, need a developer to take it from being an average audit to a great one.  Without a developer, there is little point in doing an SEO audit unless you want the audit to be very basic. Without developers and/or a budget to hire them, SEO can be put on hold.


SEO budgets are always an issue. Sometimes only a limited budget is available and, at other times, there may be too much of the budget left over at the end of a fiscal year.  You would think having money left over would be positive, but when it results in an unorganized spending spree, it may actually set your SEO program back.


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