Weekly MarTech review: cuts to Facebook ad-targeting, updates to Google Analytics and Adobe Campaign

In our review of last week’s MarTech news, we highlight Facebook’s cuts to discriminatory ad-targeting, updates to site referrals from Google Analytics, and the latest features of Adobe Campaign.

Facebook cuts more than 5000 ad-targeting options to prevent discrimination.

What it is
Until now, advertisers have had the ability to target Facebook ads based on factors such as race, religion, gender, nationality, and disabilities. They’ve even been able to exclude audiences who’ve expressed interest in topics such as Passover, Islam, or Native American culture. This change, however, will eliminate many such options that exclude who sees a message.

Why it matters
Facebook reports they’re trying to differentiate between “acceptable ad targeting and ad discrimination.” In an age of consumer privacy, this is a big move toward lessening discrimination.

Google Analytics now separates site traffic coming from Google Images.

What it is
This new feature in the ‘referral’ report will distinguish clicks from Google Image searches versus displaying all organic Google searches grouped together. 

Why it matters
Heads up for marketers that we may notice an initial drop in traffic from Google’s organic search. Not to fear, this should be just a reflection of the categories being separated. Users will not need to manually adjust anything in order to view the new feature; it should appear automatically. If you have custom groupings, however, you may need to manually adjust. 

Adobe advances email marketing platform.

What it is
On Tuesday, Adobe announced several updates to Adobe Campaign, including abilities to predict the best time to send emails, intelligently segment emails based on individual engagement, and create multilingual push messages.

Why it matters
After surveying US consumers, Adobe found that close to 50% still prefer to receive offers from brands via email. Many, however, are frustrated by marketing that is not personal and not relevant. These updates come in response to those findings, and speak to broader industry trends around personalization and effective email marketing. 

Before you go

  • HubSpot partners with CircleLoop, a platform offering a next-generation alternative to traditional phone systems.
  • Facebook announced Wednesday that it’s officially rolled out Create to Convert. This new video editing framework enables users to easily add simple motion, crop, and optimize video for mobile.
  • Marketo announced a three-year strategic partnership with B2B demand generation and sales provider Televerde. Together they plan to leverage SDR-as-a-service on Marketo’s Engagement Platform, expected to release this fall.
  • Facebook hires HP’s Antonio Lucio as new CMO, bringing a wealth of experience and much-needed diversity to the company’s top management.
  • Hubspot to launch major upgrade to their Marketing Hub Enterprise at Inbound 2018 conference next month. New features will include improved analytics and custom bot building.

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