WordPress folds in Google+ for authentication, comments

WordPress-Google+ integration

The WordPress integration with Google+ means publishers and commenters can use their Google online identities, share posts with Google+ manually or automatically, and in some cases expect better prominence of WordPress sites in Google search results.


WordPress, the widely used blogging system, has built in Google+ technology that will let publishers use the service for authentication, comments, and sharing.

The deal, announced Monday, spreads Google’s influence into a Web site that’s very widely used for blogs and other self-publishing needs. Even as it elevates the profile of Google’s social-networking technology, though, it also lowers barriers between Google+ and other parts of the Web.

Here’s how WordPress’ Justin Shreve described the deal:

Linking to your Google+ Profile creates an official connection between your WordPress.com content and your Google+ account. The benefit? It adds a layer of verification, confirming you are the author of your posts, and helps Google understand who created certain pages, which helps to increase the accuracy of search results.

In some cases, Google may also use this information to make your posts stand out more in search results by including your Google+ Profile information next to your listing.

In addition, WordPress users will be able to embed what they’ve published at Google+ onto their WordPress sites, Schreve said.

And with a feature called publicize, WordPress users can automatically send new WordPress content to Google+ — along with on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Path.

Article source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57602152-93/wordpress-folds-in-google-for-authentication-comments/

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