Get certified in Google Analytics in just 48 hours with this course

TL;DR: Snag the essential Google Analytics Certification for $13.99 in the Mashable Shop. It’s typically $199.99 so you’ll save 93%.

Data rules all in 2019. And if you don’t plan to be a full-blown data scientist, you should at least understand how to navigate Google Analytics. Think of it as the public transportation of data science, everyone *should* be able to navigate it, but it’s harder than it looks. 

Learning and understanding Google Analytics is essential if you want to run a business effectively, or even do most business-related jobs effectively. GA gives you data-driven insight into user engagement and acquisition, online discoverability, and the effectiveness of overall strategies and tactics. In other words, it helps you figure out what’s really going down with your business.

While the platform is notoriously complicated, even total noobs can get a grip on the basics and  validate their skills with this Google Analytics Certification: Get Certified In 2 Days course.

The course is designed for absolute beginners, starting with a full introduction to the basics and leading up to how to interpret all kinds of audience data. After just two days of learning, you’ll be prepared to take the free exam, which will do more than just look good on your résumé. It’ll show everyone that you get what data’s all about and can evaluate insights from any webpage you get your hands on. Employers will eat that up.

Over 300,000 students have taken the course and it’s earned over 40,000 top-rated reviews. You can sign up and take the Google Analytics Certification course for just $13.99 now — 93% off the original price — and master a major skill in just 48 hours.

How total noobs can get certified in Google Analytics in just 48 hours

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