Google’s asinine Gmail prank: What were these fools thinking? [updated]

Google appeared to troll Gmail users yesterday, by adding a childish GIF to their sent email and making their replies disappear. If that sounds stupid and asinine to you, then you’d be right.

Your humble blogwatcher tries to avoid April Fool’s Day stories, but this one is completely ridiculous. Not only did Google screw up its 900-million-user-email service in the most idiotic fashion, but the company “apology” came from a lowly software engineer, rather than someone in management who was actually responsible for signing off on such a ludicrous idea.

Update, 2:06 pm PT: Why am I so down on Google’s prank? Delivering incoming email to the inbox is Job #1. Google should have properly disclosed what the button would do, should not have placed the button where muscle-memory would have expected the Send+Archive button, and should not have introduced the nasty bug that caused it to fire even without the button being pressed.

On the plus side, at least Google says it’s learned something from the débâcle. But in IT Blogwatch, bloggers still can’t believe Google would be so foolish. Not to mention: PMJ Vintage Soul…

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