How The Law Niche Proves Expensive PPC Can Pay Off


Pay-per-click (PPC) ads appear depending on what a user is searching for, and the advertiser only pays a fee when they actually on the ad. Due to PPC marketing’s quick results, simplicity and level of control and customization, it’s one of the more popular digital advertising techniques. However, if your business is in a highly competitive industry, you could be looking at high prices per click that might seem insurmountable. But as the law niche proves, no matter the price, PPC can really pay off.

High Price, Great Results

In the law niche, keywords can be expensive. In fact, “lawyer” and “attorney” are among the priciest keywords in Google AdWords — the most popular PPC platform. As a particularly stark example, this case study showcases how the search term “Car Accident Lawyer” can run Georgia law firms over $1,000 per click, but they still pay for it!

As the founder of a business that specializes in PPC marketing, I understand that when your industry is highly competitive, competing businesses in your region are likely using the same keyword combinations. To see for yourself, google “Personal Injury Lawyer.” You’ll see a handful of PPC advertisements in the form of search campaigns — highlighted at the top of the search results by the word “ad”– that are specific to your city and all vying for the same clicks. It doesn’t matter your industry — a few related keyword searches should garner similar insights.

But don’t be deterred. High competition means AdWords is being used at a successful enough level to continue keeping the price high. And while their PPC ads are bringing in clients or customers that continue to justify their investment, you’re losing out on all that potential business.

Real-Time Measurements Mean Effective Adjustments

Even if your website was created yesterday while all your competition has been using PPC for a decade, you could set up and launch a small campaign quickly and start getting traffic on the same day. This is in direct contrast to SEO, which will take at least six months before your site reaches close enough to the top Google result to garner free, organic clicks to your business.

Once you have both Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts, you can connect the two to measure everything related to your PPC campaign, from cost to purchase to phone calls by keyword reports, as well as the demographics of your visitors. By tracking every action, you’re able to continuously optimize your marketing approach in its every facet, as the data you’re generating reveals what’s working best and what’s falling short. Multiple form submissions, ensuring the phone number is easy to find, offering quizzes, publishing blog articles and implementing an online chat box are all website upgrades that are easy to execute and add rich data to your advertising approach.

Continuously Improve Return On Investment

In my experience, most people looking for legal help online almost always need a phone call to go from “lead” to “paying client.” And the same surely applies to a wide range of businesses, from food delivery to pricey financial services.

Through Google Adwords, you can generate unique insight that comes exclusively from tracking phone calls from the site without the need for additional tools, revealing report statistics like date, time and duration of every call that comes in. Search campaigns aren’t the only form of PPC marketing, either. Businesses find particularly remarkable results from call-only campaigns, designed specifically to get your company more phone calls.

And every time an interested party is on the line? You have the chance to gain a new client.

Quickly Establish Your Authority

Through what’s known as display campaigns, AdWords offers the ability to show your ads across websites on the Google Display Network, which spans 2 million websites and covers more than 90% of web traffic. It’s where your brand will appear on sites related to your offerings.

Display campaigns can also utilize a strategy called retargeting — also known as remarketing. By employing this ad strategy, a person who visited your site but clicked off will see an ad for your business later on, reminding them of your services or products and potentially reengaging their interest.

Control Every Last Detail

AdWords provides a lot of budget flexibility despite law practices being up against pricier cost-per-action costs. With that said, if you want to start with a small budget, you absolutely can. You can carefully control your budget and bids, start and stop on a dime and readjust according to new revelations, giving you plenty of opportunities to scale as your approach develops. This applies to your business whether you’re in the law niche or in an uncompetitive — or currently untapped –PPC market. The price per click in relation to your budget will just dictate how many clicks you can afford before you have to start seeing a return.

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