7 Analytics Tools for Optimizing UX

This popular article was updated in late 2017 to reflect the latest UX analytics tools and practices. Analytics are important for finding out what’s working and what’s not working on your website. In short, they allow you to see user feedback at scale — via users’ actual clicks and movements. This is essential for improving...
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Google Analytics Users Now Have Access to the World’s Largest Business Database Powered by Fastbase

Http://analytics.fastbase.com The new leads tool contains over 700 million email addresses and the key contact information of business owners, management, marketing, sales, finance, and IT personnel to help businesses search, discover, and engage with the right prospects at the right time.  The new database, powered by Fastbase, Inc., will seriously compete with other data providers...
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Google Analytics: How to Perform User Research

Knowing who your users are is crucial to any design process, and user research plays a vital role in that. User research consists of a whole range of different tools and techniques, but what underpins them all is gathering useful information about who your users are and what they want to achieve. When you know...
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Google Analytics releasing 4 new functions to offer more user-centric insights

Brands are working hard to meet a resounding customer demand for an experience that is relevant and personal to where they are in their engagement with brands. Ninety percent of marketers say understanding how users engage across channels and devices is vital to success. In response, Google Analytics has announced four new features to better...
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Google Analytics 101: Executive’s guide to measuring business data

If you want to improve the experience of your website or app, or maybe you want to ensure the success of your business, you need to be analyzing user behavior. One of the easiest ways to do that is with Google Analytics. What is Google Analytics? Read this Big data: Why IT departments mustn’t be...
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Google Analytics: Using Enhanced Ecommerce to Grow Revenue

Reporting on overall revenue and revenue by channel is among the most essential data for a niche ecommerce company to grow its business. Google Analytics has a powerful revenue-reporting suite called “Enhanced Ecommerce.” I will review Enhanced Ecommerce in the post. I’ll provide tips for setting it up and, also, for how to use it...
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How To Track YouTube With Google Analytics

YouTube is one of the most widely visited websites. The video sharing platform currently attracts over a billion users—about a third of all Internet users who all collectively generate billions of views. YouTube’s widely recognisable format and presence on the web make it a powerful asset to any marketing strategy. Videos that go viral have...
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A Look at Google Chatbase: Analytics Corner

December 06, 2017 KPIs Big Data Analysis Rabbit More than ten years ago, the marketing world grew accustomed to Google Analytics, the measurement solution soon becoming as ubiquitous as websites. With chatbots growing in use among brands today, Google is looking for a second lightning strike with Chatbase, a cloud-based analytics platform that was in...
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How to Generate More Website Leads with Analytics

About Stephen Roda Stephen is a Digital Analyst with a love for technology and online marketing. His role is to oversee reporting and analysis to make sure that our services are having the largest, positive effect for our clients. He is eager to find creative solutions to complex problems and claims to have seen the...
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Salesforce-Google integration bolsters CRM, analytics functionality

Salesforce adds another storage cloud The news of Salesforce adding another preferred public cloud for international expansion comes just months after Salesforce formed a similar partnership with AWS. The addition of Google Cloud is to address customer needs, according to Ryan Aytay, executive vice president for business development and strategic accounts for Salesforce. “AWS continues...
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