UPDATED: AdWords Scripts now available in new AdWords interface

Note: This column has been updated with additional information since it was originally published.  AdWords Scripts are now available in the New AdWords interface, giving users a visual refresh, as well as some new capabilities that make management a bit easier, especially for advertisers with lots of scripts in their accounts. Here are some of the...
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How to ensure your external PPC account audit isn’t a waste of time

If you run a PPC agency, you’ll know it’s not that unusual for clients to occasionally bring in an outside auditor to review their PPC accounts. Sometimes, your client will let you know in advance; sometimes, you’ll find out when you see a request to access the account. And sometimes, you won’t find out until...
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AdWords Conversion Linker: What is it and why do you need it?

In the last few days you might have seen an overlay banner in your Google Tag Manager account as below: This is related to an email AdWords sent out at the beginning of September regarding the upcoming Safari update which introduces the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP).  The new technology intends to improve people’s privacy by...
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Google AdWords’ New Showcase Shopping Ads Can Display Collections of Products

 Matt Southern Google has rolled out a new shopping ad in AdWords just in time for the holiday season. Showcase Shopping ads have been designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile shoppers, while giving businesses the opportunity to sell more products. This new ad type allows advertisers to put together a selection of products...
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Implementing 2 Advanced Google AdWords Strategies

The following excerpt is from Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes and Bryan Todd’s book Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes Noble | iTunes | IndieBound Let’s explore two advanced Google AdWords campaign types: Dynamic Search Ads and Call-Only campaigns. Give these two campaign types a try. They’ll let you squeeze...
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5 Ways Big Budget Advertisers Get High ROI from AdWords [DATA]

Margot da Cunha Are you a marketer working off of a tight monthly PPC budget, just trying to get some ROI out of your Google AdWords campaigns? We’ve all been there. Sadly, data has shown that bigger AdWords budgets usually yield greater results. How do we know this? Well, WordStream (disclosure: I am an employee)...
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2 New AdWords Features & 1 Awesome Strategy You Must Know

Lisa Raehsler If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the lookout for new AdWords features and ways to get ahead the competition. Even if you don’t geek-out on PPC marketing on a daily basis, it’s always important to keep up to date with what’s new and understand any significant changes so you can make the...
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The 2X AdWords Budget Change: How to Adapt Today & Tomorrow

Chaitanya Chandrasekar AdWords budget change that increased daily budgets by 2x. (In fact, it’s quite possible that this is all you’ve been hearing about for the past few weeks!) Unhappy marketers have been vocally expressing their frustration (see: Google Doubles AdWords Budgets and Advertisers are Unhappy) and dismay at a chance that will theoretically crater their...
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Google AdWords to roll out ‘parallel tracking’ to speed up mobile landing page delivery

Google’s been working to speed up mobile web experiences on several fronts, AMP being the most visible of these efforts. On Wednesday, the company announced a change to the way it will handle tracking parameters appended to AdWords landing page URLs. Processing tracking codes can bog down page load time by “hundreds of milliseconds” and...
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5 Advanced Ways to Increase Your AdWords CTR

Dusty Vegas ‘); $(‘#scheader .sc-logo’).append(‘ ‘); $(‘#scheader’).append(”); $(‘#scheader .scdetails’).append(‘ ‘+cat_head_params.sponsor+’ ‘); $(‘#scheader .scdetails’).append(cat_head_params.sponsor_text); $(‘#scheader’).append(”); if(“undefined”!=typeof __gaTracker){ $(‘#scheader a’).click(function(){ __gaTracker( “send”,”event”, “Sponsored Category Click Var 1”, “paid-search”, ( $(this).attr(‘href’) ) ); }); } } }); }); Figuring out ways to increase your AdWords click-through-rate (CTR) can be frustrating. Most internet advice focuses on the (very important) tactics...
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