7 Powerful Benefits of Using PPC Advertising

Corey Morris There are many compelling benefits of PPC advertising. Whether you’re trying to convince your boss or a client about the value of Google AdWords (or Bing Ads), there’s a powerful case to be made. For starters, PPC: Offers quick entry. Results are easy to measurable and track. Works well with other marketing channels. Provides a...
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Google AdWords’ Smart Bidding Sets the Ideal Bid for Each Auction

Matt Southern ‘); $(‘#scheader .sc-logo’).append(‘ ‘); $(‘#scheader’).append(”); $(‘#scheader .scdetails’).append(‘ ‘+cat_head_params.sponsor+’ ‘); $(‘#scheader .scdetails’).append(cat_head_params.sponsor_text); $(‘#scheader’).append(”); } }); }); In an effort to help AdWords users get the most out of their advertising budget, Google is introducing Maximize Conversions. The new technology utilizes smart bidding to automatically set the right bid for each auction, so you can...
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How your insurance brand can get the most out of PPC

PPC can deliver immediate results for your insurance brand and, in such a competitive sector, you’re brand needs to ensure its right in front of the target market to even start to compete for customers. So how can you make the most of PPC as a digital marketing channel? How can you ensure you’re not...
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Google wants AdWords to track you both on and offline

It’s no secret that Google amasses huge amounts of data from people who interact with its services. Going forward, the firm wants to combine this online data with offline information to help those working in advertising. ADVERTISEMENT Google tracks everything you do: here’s how to delete it At Google’s Marketing Next conference, the company announced...
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3 Must-Reads on Launching a Successful PPC Campaign

‘)})(); //– ;c++)if(e=b[c],”og:title”===e.getattribute(“property”)){a=e.getattribute(“content”);break}a||(a=document.title||”untitled”); Subscribe Advertise Contact If you’re just starting out in PPC advertising, here are three articles you need to read now to master PPC.  Upcoming Webcasts Training June 6: New Threats, Security Risks and Remedies for Today’s MSPs June 28: IT Staffing Made MSPeasy Watch Now: Sell your way to revenue, growth, and...
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Conversion rate optimization tools coming to AdWords with new integrations

New Google Surveys 360 and Google Optimize integrations in AdWords were among the news announced at Google Marketing Next on Tuesday. Optimize With the Optimize integration, advertisers will be able to create and test landing pages tailored for specific campaigns, ad groups or keywords. For example, a travel site could customize a landing page for the query...
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The Perfect Fit: How to Find the Right PPC Agency [WEBINAR]

Thinking of hiring an agency to step up your PPC game? You’ll want to find an agency that helps you achieve all your business goals. But with hundreds of agencies out there, how do you find the agency that’s the perfect fit for you? And how do you make the most of your agency investment? Our next answer...
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Micro-wins: The true secret to AdWords success

“8 Google AdWords Hacks that Will Double Your Conversion Rate!” “AdWords Tricks That Increased Customer Acquisition by 20%!” “An AdWords Campaign Tweak to Increase PPC Leads 200%!” These days, it seems like everywhere you look, someone is suggesting a new AdWords hack, trick or tweak that will transform your AdWords accounts. I’ll admit that I’ve even...
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Exploit These 3 Powerful Motivators for Better PPC Ad Copy

Clark Boyd  Here’s a typical search engine results page: Wow. There’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. Do you see it? Every ad here is vying for a click. So how will people decide which ad to click on – and ultimately make a purchase decision? The best PPC ad here is the...
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Google AdWords Begins Using Machine Learning to Understand Purchase Intent

Matt Southern  Google AdWords announced a number of machine learning innovations it will be rolling out, one of the most notable of which is in-market audiences for search ads. In-market audiences will allow businesses to expand their reach amongst those who have already searched within their category of products and services. Google explains how in-market...
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