7 features you’ll only find in the new AdWords interface

Even though the New AdWords Experience (AKA the new user interface) doesn’t quite have feature parity with the current AdWords yet, it actually offers some exclusive features. They can be hard to identify without some hunting, so we’ve gathered them here in one place. The new interface has been steadily rolling out to more advertisers over the past...
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How to Conduct a Complete AdWords Audit

Corey Morris  Is your AdWords account as effective as it could be? Unless you’ve audited your AdWords account, you can’t know for sure. What is an AdWords Account Audit? Simply, an AdWords account audit is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of your AdWords accounts. An audit can reveal painful hidden issues that need to...
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AdWords Introduces New Editor Version to Make Setting Up Campaigns Easier

It has been almost three years, but Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has finally released Version 12 of the Adwords Editor. Number 12 will, according to the company, simplify the management of your campaigns with new rules and tools. Just in case you don’t know what AdWords Editor is, it manages large Adwords accounts. The free app lets...
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How To Determine The Right PPC Advertising Budget

Shutterstock One of the top questions I hear from clients and prospects is, “How much should our budget be for pay-per-click advertising?” The answer to identifying the appropriate PPC advertising budget depends on projections, assumptions and math. In this article, I’ll dive into a few of the formulas we use to help companies determine how much...
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This script automates adding any AdWords data to a Google spreadsheet

If you’ve ever been frustrated at the amount of time you spend creating PPC reports, you’re not alone. Today, I’ll do my best to help you with a new AdWords script I just finished. The severity of the reporting problem became very clear to me at a conference I recently attended. Attendees were asked to leave sticky notes describing the...
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The biggest trends & changes in PPC so far in 2017

In 2016, mobile drove the nearly $6 billion year-over-year increase in search spend and and surpassed desktop for the first time, according to the IAB. Now that mobile is a given and we no longer have to wonder if this is its year, let’s look at the big trends, launches and news we’ve seen so far...
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AdWords Editor’s new custom rules let you quickly see what’s missing in your accounts

Google really wants advertisers to adopt their best practices. The latest version of AdWords Editor, version 12, has a whole new section to show you where you’re not complying, along with some other new features. Custom Rules The new “Custom Rules” section can be found in the left navigation pane in AdWords Editor (AWE). It...
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Google AdWords Editor 12 is Now Available: Here’s What’s New

Matt Southern ‘); $(‘#scheader .sc-logo’).append(‘ ‘); $(‘#scheader’).append(”); $(‘#scheader .scdetails’).append(‘ ‘+cat_head_params.sponsor+’ ‘); $(‘#scheader .scdetails’).append(cat_head_params.sponsor_text); $(‘#scheader’).append(”); } }); }); Version 12 of Google’s AdWords Editor is now available worldwide to all advertisers. In addition to a new design, new features in AdWords Editor 12 include custom rules, faster account downloads, support for bidding to maximize conversions, and...
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Spotted in AdWords: Check a box and automatically create a headline test

For several months now, Google has been encouraging advertisers to run many ad variations in their ad groups. The message is essentially, “Ditch your manual A/B testing and let our machine learning-powered systems figure out the best ad with the best mix of extensions to show for each auction scenario.” Now, it looks like Google...
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5 successful B2B AdWords best practices for any company

AdWords is a brutal marketplace for many B2B businesses. There’s low search volume and high competition, resulting in extremely expensive CPCs — not good. Instead of burning your cash on expensive and ineffective ads, consider these five AdWords tweaks and strategies that any company can implement immediately. 1. Start with negative keywords Homing in on the keywords that work...
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