What Google Analytics can tell you about your lead gen problems

This spring, Inman is obsessing over helping you to tune-up your listings business, with actionable insights, the best advice from top agents and hundreds of helpful stories from all over the world. Interested in sharing your advice and insights with us? Reach out to me at matthew@inman.com. Don’t forget that we’ll also be focusing on how...
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Metricstory raises $2M to decipher Google Analytics data with AI and machine learning

Metricstory co-founders Joshua Gebhardt and Brandon Nutter. Photo via Metricstory. Metricstory is raising cash to help e-commerce companies extract more value from their Google Analytics data. The Seattle startup today announced a $2 million investment round led by Seven Peaks Ventures and Birchmere Ventures, with participation from existing investors Elementum Ventures, Wisemont Capital, and the Geekdom Fund....
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Google will predict Final Four performance based on in-game data (updated)

The analytics that the Google Cloud team will be using to make the predictions will be based on the interesting facts they’ve uncovered while analyzing NCAA data: “everything from who blocks more shots per minute (for the record: juniors) to whether teams with a certain type of animal mascot cause more March Madness upsets (hint:...
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Five website metrics to monitor on Google Analytics

Having a website is an essential part of having a business in the modern world, as many sources will tell you, but simply having a site just to say you have one is squandering an important resource. Many homeowners browse the web looking for local landscaping companies when they’ve decided they want a professional’s help...
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Unlocking the Ad Analytics Ecosystem

<!– –> When publishers consider the size of the digital audience they can deliver to advertisers, the focus is typically on who is visiting their site. But ultimately, success is going to be based on the percentage of that audience that made it over to the advertiser’s site. One of the disadvantages that publishers face is that advertisers often...
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TECH TALK: Google Analytics Hacks to Improve your SEO

Google Analytics is such a powerful tool for web marketers. Why? Well, for starters, think about the amount of data you can extract from this free tool for your website, from top pages, to the web page a user was on before they came to your site. The information is massive. Before you dive into...
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Become an expert in Google Analytics for less than $20

If you want to take your business to the next level, this is the education you need. Article source: https://www.dailydot.com/bazaar/google-analytics-bundle/
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Google develops data analytics service in Brazil

Google will be further developing its data consulting services in Brazil by extending it to 12 of its largest local customers this year, the company said. Based on analytics product DataLab, launched in Brazil last year, the local version of the initiative has three professionals solely dedicated to helping Google’s big enterprise users enhance their...
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Optimize your data by mastering Google Analytics

Best of all, you can learn at your own pace, rewinding, repeating or fast-forwarding through the lectures as you choose. Usually, the Google Analytics Masterclass retails for $334, but you can get it now for $19, or 94% off. For a limited time, you can use coupon code: MADMARCH10 for an extra 10% off the sale...
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DCMN launches analytics tool which aims to be the ‘Google Analytics of the TV world’

Growth solution provider DCMN has introduced DC Analytics to help digital brands track and attribute TV campaigns with a focus on ROI. According to the firm, DC Analytics correlates spot data from TV networks to traffic on a web or mobile presence, in order to measure the impact of media placements. DCMN co-founder and chief...
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